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CRAFT FAIR - WED 5 DECEMBER   6.00pm - 7.30pm 




Don't miss this excellent annual event. Lots of great craft items at low prices.  Buy a gift - or treat your self. 

And support our wonderful local school. 

The school is a great support to our local community. Please pop in - even if it's just to say hello! 




Mike Reed, Parish Clerk

Christmas carols

With little Bollington primary children


Wednesday 12th December

Mulled wine, mince pies and hot chocolate for the children



Update from Voneus


“Good news. The Faculty has now been issued and we will be sending our staff to the church in Altringham on Monday 01/10/2018 to install the equipment. When this is complete we would need to work back through the installed network to make sure things are working as plans. But as we do so anybody who has their equipment turned on will begin to receive a live and working service.
We will be in touch during the week to announce when this is complete with instructions on how to get a fully working service or how to contact us if you have a spot of bother.”

Broadband in Little Bollington


A public meeting was held on 8th January to consider an opportunity to bring faster broadband into Little Bollington and surrounding area. The service is offered by the company Voneus, who specialise in providing wireless broadband into rural areas. They already supply over 3,000 properties in areas from the south west to Cheshire. They bring a fibre cable into the area and broadcast from a transmitter on a high building, via a number of relay points to small receivers on each individual property. The equipment is not intrusive as it is small and light.


The meeting was kindly hosted by the Olde No. 3 and was attended by over 50 people. Ray Adams of Voneus provided information about the service and answered many questions. Kate Burke from Dunham Massey (who are about to receive the new service) assured people of the thorough procedures they had undertaken, together with Trafford Council, in assessing Voneus. The National Trust have also made a thorough assessment, as many of their properties will use the service.


Voneus offer speeds of up to 50 Mbs, whereas many parts of the village receive only 1Mbs from the existing service.  The charge is £20/month with a 20GB download limit or £35 for unlimited data downloads. Installation is free for anyone with very low broadband speeds as they are eligible for the BDUK voucher.


Over 40 local properties have now registered their interest with Voneus.  The project covering our area will now go ahead. For further information, or to register your interest with no obligation, contact Ray Adams at Voneus ( or John Sheehan (


Parking on Park Lane


Over the Christmas weekends and bank holidays and into the New Year the village received many visitors. Parking caused serious problems on Park Lane once again, as cars were parked along the entire length of the lane including the very narrow stretch between Ivy Lodge and Stamford Road. This prevented cars passing each other and caused logjams. Cars were parked on the pavement, making it difficult for those with prams and wheelchairs.


In early January the extended yellow lines, promised for a very long time, were at last installed. The road surface was repaired in patches to make this possible. It is not clear whether the full resurfacing which was also promised will now go ahead. And we will have to see what effect the yellow lines have on the parking problems for the village.


Questionnaire and Village Plan

A questionnaire was delivered to every household in the village asking their opinions and ideas about our village. It asked about the village appearance and facilities, provisions for children and the elderly, events and activities, and communications. 25 of the 80 households in the village completed the questionnaire. Chris Wood has compiled a detailed analysis and report of the results. A Working Group is now preparing recommendations for a new Village Plan. This will be discussed at the next Parish Meeting.



As we go to press For Sale signs have gone in place at Home (the former Stamford Arms). Enquiries are being made to determine what uses are possible for the building. It is hoped that at last the site may be refurbished and brought back into use, resolving the problem of this derelict building. The agents have invited offers over £1 Million. Any kind benefactors who wish to purchase the site to create a village hall would be most welcome.


Parish Meeting and Notices

The notice board on Park Lane has been taken away for repair by the National Trust. It should be back in place and in much better condition very soon. The next Parish Meeting will be on Monday 12 February at 7.00pm at Little Bollington School. This is an important meeting with the opportunity to hear the results of the village questionnaire and consider proposals for a new Village Plan. Please join us.

Community Orchard

Paul Barker – with help from many others - organised a Bonfire night Barbeque in the Community Orchard. A good crowd turned out to enjoy a feast of hot food and drinks, and a lively conversation under the stars.  Our stalwart community volunteers, Graham and Colin, created wonderful barbeque burners out of old oil drums, and these also served as great braziers to keep us all warm. There were no bangs but a great buzz in the atmosphere.


Spinners and Twitchers

The Little Bolly Spinners came into being on Sunday 29 October with the first organised bike ride on local country lanes. Watch out for news of the next event.

Remembrance event

Residents and church members came together in numbers for a remembrance event at the village triangle on Park Lane on Sunday 12 November. Councillor Olivia Hunt laid a wreath on behalf of Cheshire East Council. Prior to this people gathered for a “cafe church”. This was indeed “church as you have never known it”. It took place in The Swan with Two Nicks and started with croissants and jam, muffins and tea and coffee.  While munching on this scrumptious breakfast we also had food for thought in the form of deep questions about peacemaking and peacekeeping, including the challenge of recognising famous people who had served as one, other or both. Thanks to Ann Amphlett for hosting and feeding the flock and to Patricia Robinson for leading us in thought and prayer.

An Evening in the Garden


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6pm - 7:30pm

Craft Fair

Little Bollington School



Christmas Carols

Jubilee Oak Tree


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